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Fitness Trackers Still Need To Work Out Kinks

fitness tracker As for the app, its the easiest for gathering lots of information at a glance. A page for each day shows measurements like steps taken, miles walked, and weight to lose until you hit a weight goal, and these are easy to hide if you dont care about certain metrics. Its confusing to navigate, though, requiring several taps. Also, logging activities is really difficult, as my fiance can attest: he got to hear me yelling at the app for a good 10 minutes one evening, completely enraged by its inability to properly account for the calories I surely burned during a 30-minute bike ride. Nike+ FuelBand SE ($149) The FuelBand SE sets itself apart with its focus on competition, from the virtual trophies that you can reap for hitting certain activity goals to the way it encourages users to win hours (defined by five minutes of activity per hour). The FuelBand SE also has its own system of points you earn from activity (NikeFuel), illustrated on the wristband with a rainbow row of LEDs that workouts gradually change from red to green throughout the day. I liked this because it helped me think less about the specifics of movement and more about being active in general.
Full story: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/521931/fitness-trackers-still-need-to-work-out-kinks/

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